Tree of Life Pendant

A lot of you have been asking for a class to make these popular pendants. We’ve heard you and Lisa has made it a reality! Come and learn how easy it is to make these “Tree of Life” pendants yourself. You’ll be able to choose your favorite color beads with our large selection to make it unique. Lisa will be available to help you with color combinations and choices that work best for this design. These are so simple and the combinations are endless. You won’t be able to make just one! You will also receive a copy of the instructions.

Wire-Weaving & Riveted Pendant

   Learn easy techniques to texture your metal and cold connect two pieces of metal together.  Plus using a basket weaving techniques, add a wire-woven embellishment to your pendant. To finish the project, learn to make your own closure and wire attach the closure to leather.  Prerequisite: Basic Earrings.  You will receive a copy of the instructions.


Woven Wire Pendant


In this class you will learn how to weave wire to form a pendant. You will also receive a copy of the instructions with your fee.

Skill level – Beginner