Alluring Leather Bracelet

May 17, 2023 @ 10:30 am

This class will help you with learn to create with different types, sizes and colors of beads to create this “Alluring” bracelet. Christal will teach you how to combine your selection perfectly to make a stunning piece of jewelry that will fit your personality. Your bracelet will dazzle everyone. This new class will use the Knotty Do-it-All board, which is amazing tool that makes jewelry creating easier and fun. Included with your class fee is a copy of the directions. You will want to make more than one.

If you do not have a Knotty board, we have them here in the store to rent for class. Rental fee is $10. Should you decide to purchase a one, the fee will be applied to the purchase. (everyone falls in love with the Knotty board). Call the store at 850-257-5800 to become part of the class.