#850 Strong Charms – 100% of your donation goes to hurricane relief/local school


#850 Strong is not only a saying, but a word of Hope we have come to live by in our area. As a local business owner, and someone who loves Panama City, I have felt a strong desire to do my part to give back to our community. This commissioned two-sided custom charm is not only to remind us of how strong we’ve become but to continue to bring hope to others.

Please join The LH Bead Gallery as we use these charms to help raise money for one of our local schools! We have partnered with Bay High School. The Assistant Principal, Kris Palfrey, has opened up a Hurricane relief fund to help the staff and students who have been heavily impacted by the storm. Your donation will help provide mattresses, bedding, dishes, and many other basic needs as well as connecting utilities.

UPDATE – We have already raised $5,900 as of Dec. 14th for Cherry Street School and just finished raising $6000 to Cedar Grove Elementary School on Jan 5th. 

These charms can be purchased at The LH Bead Gallery on 550 Harrison Ave. in Downtown Panama City. #850-257-5800.

Get a free charm with every $10 donation and 100% of your donation will go to this school’s fund! My hope is these charms will not just help raise money but give hope to the person the charm is given to and remind them that we are in this together!  Believe in the future, never give up! #850Strong!

*Image shows the front and back of the charm. The color is pewter. These are very good quality and will last a lifetime. PLEASE NOTE – The online site automatically puts a flat rate shipping fee of $7.50 on the site. You will be charged $3.00 for the charm/charms to be shipped in a bubble mailer. If the order is a large amount (these charms have a good weight) the shipping will be the flat rate price of $7.50.* If you have questions or concerns please call the store. We are doing our best to get these out to you in a timely manner. Remember these charms were a 100% donation and there are fees involved for using credit cards and taking time to mail and package them up. We want to make this convenient for you. The shipping fee is as least expensive as we can make it. Thank you

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