The Artist

Lisa Hanna, Artist

My name is Lisa Hanna. I am a native Californian who loves the beach, and I now reside on Florida’s Emerald Coast in the quaint town of Panama City.

I have been happily married to my husband of 30 years. I have three sons; Matthew, 22; Michael, 27; and Marcus, 30. Life is good!

For years I have expressed artistic talent through different kinds of media. In 2000 I began creating handcrafted beaded jewelry. Always designing one of a kind pieces, I longed for beads that were unique and of superior quality. This pursuit led me to my latest addiction, Glass Art! During the summer of 2002, I invested in a torch, glass rods, tools, books, videos, and a kiln, in order to create fused glass and “lampwork” beads.

This new passion has opened up a world of imagination with colors that are so bright and beautiful. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone enjoy my creations.

I have noticed that I tend to want to make sculptural beads, ones that make you smile. Although it is important to make beads for bracelets I truly have more fun making these little mini works of art.

I love meeting different people at the gallery where I sell my handmade beaded jewelry, loose beads, strands, findings, tools, local and national Artisan gifts. I offer repairs, classes and custom work. I thank God for blessing me and giving me an artistic outlet that I may share with you! If you are ever in the area please stop by!

About my beads -called lampwork beads- All jewelry you see have been made by winding molten glass around a narrow stainless steel rod like in the photograph above. The glass is held in the flame of a torch, then layered and manipulated in an endless number of ways. Then placed in a kiln all night for strength. The next day the bead hole is cleaned with a dremel and then turned into these one of a kind pieces of wearable art.